Croissant bread pudding

(bosanski ispod)

All you need is:

6 croissants

4 egg yolks

1 cup whippimg cream

1 cup of milk

80g dark chocolate

2-3 tbsp sugar

Cut the croisants into small pieces. Place them into a baking pan and cover them with chocolate and a mixture you made out of egg yolks, whipping cream, milk and sugar.

Bake it at 180° for atleast 20-25min

Za kroasan puding vam je potrebno:

6 kroasana ( ja koristio Quickie čokoladne kroasane)
4 žumanjka
2 dcl vrhnja za kreme
1 dcl mlijeka
80g tamne čokolade
2-3 kašike šećera
Quickie kroasane izrežite na kockice otprilike 1-2 cm. Stavite ih u plah za pecenje. Isjeckajte čokoladu i stavite preko kroasana. U posebnu posudu umutite: 4 žumanjka, vrhnje, mlijeko i šećer. Potom prelijte preko kroasana.
Pecite na 180° C otprilike 20-25 minuta.

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