Focacchia rustica

And here is my recipe for a great focacchia! 

All you need is: 

500g of all purpose flour

1 package of yeast ( 9g) 

Tablespoon of sugar or honey

Tablespoon of salt 

About 300ml of warm water

And everything else is your choice ( rosemary, olives, sea salt) 
Put the flour into a large bowl, mix with yeast and salt and sugar and add warm water. Make a smooth dough and let it redt for atleast for a hour. 

After it rested, with a rolling pin roll it till you get it a few cm thin. Add rosemary, olives and sea salt over and into the dough ( as in photo) . Drizzle it with a few drops of olive oil. Let it rest for another atleast 20 min. 

Bake it for 45 min or till it gets a golden crust. 


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