Pink Bounty – homemade

You only need 5 ingrediants for this beauty.

200g of cocnout shreds
2dlc of regular milk
half a cup of sugar
100g raspberries
200g chocolate.

For bounty bars you need condensed milk, and you get it by cooking milk with sugar until it’s thick, keep the heat at low and don’t let it burn!
Take a bowl and to the coconout shreds add mashed raspberries, all mix everything. Once the milk is done, add it to the bowl and mix once again everything. Shape in bars and glaze it with melted chocolate! leave it in fridge until it gets hard.

Sve sto je potrebno za bounty jeste

200g kokosovog brasna
2dcl mlijeka
pola solje secera
100 grama malina
200 g cokolade.

Prokuhajte mlijeko sa secerom dok ne dobijete gusto mlijeko ( otprilike 20tak minuta kuhanja) na blago do jakoj vatri. Mjesajte konstantno. Dodajte kokosovo brasno u posudu te zgnjecene maline i dobro sve izmjesajte. U sve to dodajte mlijeko i dobro promjesati. Rukom oblikati masu u zeljeni oblik te preliti rastopljenom cokoladom i ostaviti u frizider da se ohlade.


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