Galaxy donuts

Interested in Galaxy inspired donuts? Here is how you can make them!

For the dough use :

300g of all purpose flour

60g sugar

1 package of yeast ( 6-7g)

180ml milk

2 eggs

2 tablespoons of butter (melted)

1/4 tablespoon of salt


First you should make sure your milk is warmed, just a little bit. Put the yeast in the milk and let it rest. Mix all the rest in a big bowl and then add the milk with the yeast to it. Make sure you get a nice and smooth dough, let it rest for 30min. Use your rolling pin and roll the dough until you get the desired thickness, I prefer 2-3 cm. Use 1 bigger round shape and 1 smaller for the inner circle of the donuts. For the donuts and let them rest for another 15 mins.

In the meantime make the icing. It’s super easy, use powder sugar and milk! Add as much milk as you want, and then add the food color. Make sure you leave one portion of the icing white.

Fry the donuts on a medium heat in any oil you choose. For about 2 minutes every site. Let them dry on a paper towel so the additional oil drys up.

When the donuts cool down, dip one side of the donut into the icing. And let it rest for 5 minutes. You can decorate them as much as you desire! And there you go!


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